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Furnace repair

It's time to replace your old furnace. Upgrading your heating system with a high efficiency furnace allows you to cut down on energy costs throughout the year. See your heating bills go down when you install a Res-Com Heating & Air Conditioning furnace. Call for a FREE estimate.


When we keep up with your needed maintenance, our experienced and courteous staff can ensure your furnace works and maintains the efficiency you value. We're locally owned and operated with over 28 years of experience.

The Best Furnace is an Energy Efficient Furnace

Complete furnace repair and installation service

We have the best furnaces for your needs. We offer 92% efficient furnaces or 95% efficient 2 stage furnaces with ECM motors.  Get a lifetime warranty on heat exchangers.



  • UV light installation

  • Electronic air cleaners

  • Air humidifiers

  • Zoning systems

  • Furnace cleaning

  • Preventative furnace and air conditioning maintenance

Learn How to Reduce Your Energy Costs With Our Service

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